Naptime (mommy needs a break)!


Let me start by letting everyone know naptime is THE BEST!

If you disagree then let I will explain why you can make it the best. Little things make a big difference same goes for multitasking the shit out of your 2 hours. You must get the kids to nap at the same time, this is imperative to mommy relaxation and efficiency.

Here is an example of todays nap time. Both kids are down I start by planning my relaxation. This is light at the end of that messy tunnel, make sure you are setting yourself up for it. My relaxation time today is a cup of tea and a date with my MacBook Pro. Some afternoons it’s light meditation, watching The Chew, painting my nails or taking a bath. Before relaxation time do what you need to do- this will ensure you are in straight up chill mode. First I turn the teapot on so I have something to look forward to then pick up the living room, start dishwasher, and clean up after lunch and prep food for dinner.  Tea kettle begins to whistle and that is the world telling me it’s time to stop.

Multi tasking- this is what I mean by being able to do something while enjoying yourself. I for example may sip on tea, write a blog post, watch the bread I kneaded this morning rise while attached to my breast pump! Yes folks its true I pump milk for my baby. Cut 2 wholes in your tightest sports bra stick the cones in there and get to it sister!

The reason I do this is to be able to look forward to my next time of relaxation should I need it.

The husband arrivIMG_1092es from work, dinner has been served say you want to go to run an errand or spend one on one time with your toddler. Hand the husband a bottle give him a big kiss, thank him and do you.

Photo to the right documenting me having a glass of wine with a fellow Gberg Mommy @ GPs. ->


If the kids decide to wake up before you are finished with your enjoyable task just include them in whatever it is your doing. It shows them you are a human and have needs just as they do. And if you hear the kids fuss a bit during nap time for heavens sake let them self soothe for 5 minutes, most of the time they will go back to bed.




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