Leftovers & Traditions


Post Thanksgiving what to do with so many leftovers?

I was determined to not waste a thing and be creative with what was let behind from our giant feast.

My 21 pound beer brined bird.

  1. Pick the turkey, every bit of it
  2. Boil it down on a low simmer all day long then let it cool and scoop off the fat the thickens on the top. Pick the turkey again. Freeze up the stock in ziplock bags to use at a later time.
  3. Freeze half of the picked turkey meat- it will be good for a nice casserole dish or stew.
  4. Pulse turkey meat, cranberry sauce, chopped nuts and a few tablespoons of mayo in a food processor. There you have a nice inventive turkey salad.
  5. Emeril’s Turkey Tetrazzini– its such a nice comfort meal you won’t regret slaving over the stove for this dish.Turkey stock will com
    e in handy when making this dish.
  6. Potato pancakes from Just a Taste were a nice treat to mix up the monotony of leftover mashed taters.
  7. Buffalo Turkey Chili. Recipe: Carrots, onion, turkey stock, turkey shredded, Ranch dressing packet, a heavy pour of buffalo sauce, 1 can of beans & 1 block of cream cheese. Let it all simmer in the pot on low for many hours. It is SOO freaking good!!
I wanted to start an ongoing tradition now that Ari is not a big baby blob  anymore and is having memories of things. I made


Snapshot of the table, decorations & crafts

everyone write what they were thankful for and sealed it in an envelope  to read next year. It will close the loop on the year and let us all reminisce on what was so important to us prior year.

I will also be making crafts to decorate the table the evening before with the kids. Here is a snapshot of the glitter turkey nameplates. We used Ari’s hand for tracing to involve him, he loved it!

A friend made this candle for me with her circuit.

Happy Holidays,

The kids after Thanksgiving


Nini girl


Another friend also brought these cute turkeys for the kids.


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