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One strength of mine is organization and scheduling. I made a living creating schedules as a project manager for one of the worlds largest retailers. Therefore I knew once my world changed from 1 to 2 kids and full time daycare to none at all I would have to put my creative scheduling skills to work right away.

I read a few books on sleep training, read many fellow bloggers posts and most importantly asked my family and friends for advice (I highly recommend this book for sleep training your child). I took all the information and made many rough drafts of daily schedules tested them all out and came up with the one below:


Schedules are a great tool to combine multiple diverse things into one cohesive plan of execution. It was important to me that I knew I had certain times during the day when I could take the kids out and it wouldn’t disrupt their sleep. I also needed at least 1-2 hours where I could take a shower, prep for dinner, or just lay down and rest!

Another thing I want to point out is that I do not follow this schedule religiously. I learned from my work experience that business changes, and when that happens you have to be flexible and adjust to what the business needs are. If you chose to be inflexible chances are you will be unsuccessful in your execution of the plan. Same thing here goes for you and your families schedules as it does in business.

If you go out of town, have a sick baby or are experiencing a major shift, don’t expect this schedule to work perfectly.

I keep my mini schedule (pictured above) next to my big scheduling “command center” in the hall. Then I can glance back at it when I feel I have gotten off track or need some grounding.

I hope this schedule is helpful to you and your family. On another post I will be sharing my weekly mealtime & cleaning schedule and a little bit on the “command center”.


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