North Bergen Sports Complex


Last week the weather started to get very cold around here. The kids and I typically go to a playground or park every day to get fresh air and it had been a while since we ran around so I figured a new adventure was in order.IMG_1635


The North Bergen Sports Complex is the perfect place to make a quick pit stop to get your kids wiggles out and it still being convenient. Parking is close to the complex and free. The Playground is gated in. There are restrooms. Seriously what else could you need in a playground? Except swings they are lacking a good swing set.

We also walked around and visited the Arboretum Garden next to the playground. It may be nicer to visit in the summer for a picnic but it was kind of old and in need of a major cleanup. Some of the trees were missing- maybe they died. The trees that were there were absolutely gorgeous. Being from Maine I can appreciate a beautiful tree when I see one.


When was the last time you stopped took a deep breath of fresh air and admired nature in your hood?



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