And we’re off again!


Day 3 was one big adventure. Breakfast of spicy peppers sautéed in a cheese curd sauce meant for bread to be sopped up with. The kids had bread and Eurocream.

After breakfast we decided it was time to go to the sea. Flo’s parents have an apartment in Shengjin, Albania. So we packed as fast as we could and left right away. The drive to Shengjin is gorgeous. Weaving around the Albanian Alps is something that always takes my breath away. This drive used to take 13 hours but since the new highway was built it only takes 3. We put on a nice Albanian Folk music cd (similar to old American country); it put the kids to sleep right away.


Best road trip snack

Shengjin is a small beach town on the Adriatic Sea, bustling with tourists. Last time I visited in 2013 and it was not nearly as built up. In 2013 there were cows walking the beach. I’m not joking- cows!

We spent many hours lounging on the beach the kids made some friends and they built a sand castle together. People just relax all day long. They don’t cover up like we do in the US on the beach. People here flaunt it even if they don’t got it.




I bought some fried dough bites drizzled with honey and chocolate off a guy on the beach.


Fried dough bites

The water was shallow here for a long distance and had minimal waves which was great for the kids. For lunch we bought Burek and cheese pizza and ate it on the beach.

Dinner was at Restaurant Shkreli. It was in a more questionable part of town and I was quite skeptical of Shaban who insisted they had the freshest fish. Of course he was right. We had cornbread soaked in a wet feta cheese, (non) Greek salad, calamari, and fresh fish.


Our view from Shkreli

When dinner was over we all walked along the “Woodrow Wilson” boardwalk of Shengjin. That place was insane for a Monday night. It reminded me of walking through Time Square and “people surfing” in and out to avoid crashing into someone.






Ari and Flo rode the bumper cars a couple of times and it was the best bumper cars I’ve ever seen.


Bumper Car shot

They had their own hype boy. He had a whistle and was hoping on and off of peoples bumper cars riding on the back. He also broke out dancing on average every 30-60 seconds. That guy was the highlight of my day hands down. We need bumper car hype boys in America!!!!

***Video will post later of the bumper car hype boy when I have better service***



Gelato for 2


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