Dazed & Confused Amerikan


We drove for what seems like forever yesterday from Shenjin to The Rozafa Fortress in Shkoder. That place was so special to visit. Rozafa herself was sacrificed in the construction of the Fortress…

The story goes that Rozafa asked that two holes be left in the stonework so that she could continue to breastfeed her baby. Some nursing women come to the fortress to smear their breasts with the milky water that seeps from the wall during some months of the year.  

Having breastfed both of my kids and being a huge supporter of it- that story just warms my soul!


From there we drove to Ulcinj, Montenegro and got a hotel room right smack in the middle of the strip. We laid on the beach until dinner time then I fed the kids in the hotel lobby and put them to bed. Flo and the rents dined in the side of the mountains at some fancy place- Shaban said he hadn’t ate such delicious food since being in Bulgaria. Which means it was really fucking delicious I guess?

Have I mentioned the music blasts until about midnight? People here go hard – every night is Saturday night.  

The food here is also delicious. There’s lots of halal, fresh salads, and soft serve custard every 100 feet. 

On another note; traveling with a 2 and 4 year old is The Pits! I have no trouble packing and keeping all personal items in order it’s the emotional meltdowns that are really starting to get to me. Yeah I know a big time change a sleeping in all these different places is difficult for them but can’t we just have 1 nice meal together as a family? Also riding in a small sedan BMW with 295k on it doesn’t help in this hot weather. Tinted windows, headrest tvs and high powered AC couldn’t hurt. #firstworldproblems 

Today (Wednesday) was spent in Ulcinj on the beach all day. It was a long day but really fun and full of some great memories made with family.


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