Locals being awesome


Overheard insane stuff too good not to share from some locals during our trip thus far:

“Would you like to start with a Greek salad tonight sir?”

“I don’t want anything Greek. Those motherfuckers have been fucking our mothers for hundreds of years. Anything but a Greek salad”

Waiter asking man at a restaurant if what he wants to eat.

“Woman, stop touching my back! I hate it when you touch my back more than getting shot in the head”

Wife touching her husbands back to get him to get up and do some random task for her on the beach.

“I used to work for this man alongside 1200 other people he was the best of all of them. No one could ever say anything bad about him. He already earned his way into heaven because he is so good”

One man talking up a fellow colleague to a new friend they both just met on the beach.

“We’re swimming to Italy, see you later”

Two men say to their wives as they go for a swim together.


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