To Tota

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Every trip we take a day to visit Florent’s grandmother, Tota. She lives in the village of LeBushe with 1 daughter, her 2 sons, their 2 wives and their 10 kids.
We mixed things up this time and took the train 2 hours to Tota’s house with the kids, Florent’s cousin Mira and her son Ylli. Going through all the tunnels and seeing the country from the tracks was a great experience. Ari asked to take the train back home, but instead we rode with Shaban to save on time.


Ari waiting to hop on the train


Glancing out


Ari & Ylli


Nini being Nini


Albanian Mafia shot

Tota and her family live off their land and make all their own everything. They don’t even buy oil to cook with, they make with with milk from a cow! Visiting this place is always exciting and fun for me.

The meal the wives serve is always one of my favorites while here and today they did not disappoint. We feasted on juicy pears, cheese pie, spicy peppers in a warm cheese sauce, non sweet corn bread, olives, yogurt & cheese. All things made from scratch- even the yogurt!

It was a cold and rainy day so I sat for a while by the outdoor fireplace which also doubles as an actual stove that they cook on. I watched a cat sleep by the fireplace and spoke Albanglish with the oldest wife. She told me all the words she knew in English and I told her all the words I knew in Albanian.


Obligatory village snap


Me with the wives


Our meal served on a ‘sofra’


Peppers here are the best in the world!


The stove!


3 of the 10 kids are MIA


Aunt Hedia, Florent, his Dad & Tota


Indoor Play


It’s starting to get cold. Last weeks rainy nasty no good day inspired me to take on the challenge of finding a fun thing to do with my toddler who had ants in his pants that didn’t break the bank and was also baby friendly for little Nini girl.

I found Hudson’s House of Play located down on River Rd.

IMG_1291$14 for 2 solid hours of playing in 6 different mini make believe rooms- Ari went Bananas over this place. The 2 hours blew by and Nini girl was so tired when we got home she napped for 3 hours!

They also have a mini cafe, optional birthday parties, and enrichment courses.

This place is in pristine condition and has 2 spacious bathrooms.

It’s gated too so your little one can’t escape.

The only con is that the space is small. If there are more than 10 kids in the space I suggest coming back another day in order to fully get your moneys worth.IMG_1296

I also enjoy that this is a no commitment location. So many indoor places in the area require you to purchase a semester worth of classes which to me is ridiculous as my toddler doesn’t even know what a semester is!


Ari LOVED the grocery store!